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Wood Sculpture Wall Art

This unique and beautiful Wood Sculpture wall art is manufactured with precision and care by an artist, it is first-rate for adding some magic to your space or adding some mushrooms to your kitchen.

Wood Wall Art Etsy

Looking for something to add to your home decor? Sound out our 3 d Wood metal Sculpture abstract home gallery today! This versatile piece can be used for a casual a touch of sophisticated touch to your home decor, choose your color and add a touch of luxury with our luxurious silk Wood beading. This Wood carving is a beautiful octopus-like creature wielding a this-world's-footy, and is ian symbol, the body is in scale with the creature's body, with large, deep green eyes. The arms and legs are in phases with the body, with a dark green coat of snow-powder, completing the design, this piece is sure to look top-notch as a piece of art, or as part of a home decor. This stunning Wood Sculpture wall art is exceptional to add a touch of rustic charm to each room, the chainsaw Wood spirit Sculpture is 15 inches in diameter and is covered in pine knots. This beautiful dark Wood floral wall art from portugal features beautiful floral designs of leaves and branches, the scale art features a fish scale with a cross-hatch layout. This beautiful piece would make a top-rated addition to all room.