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New York Subway Signs Wall Art

This art is a vibrant and vibrant image of the New York city Subway with its various lines and stations, the sign was designed by the irt and is from 1959. It is a part of the urban transit wall art series and is fabricated from plastic and metal.

Best New York Subway Signs Wall Art

Looking for some fresh Subway sign art to add to your avenue area partial wall art collection? Search no more than New York Subway signs! These add ons to the art on this photo are of people in avenue wanting both ways car traffic is bound, the sign is giving off a walled up feel all together now isn't it? This New York Subway sign is from the nyc ny Subway roll sign and is manufactured up of digital artwork of people in avenue digging both ways car traffic is bound. With channels and towers of art created for the street view, this gallery showcases some of the more notable pieces, this amazing 1932 r-4 New York Subway baked enamel painted number sign 704 wall art is a stunning example of hand-paint and design on the surrounding black and white poster-beds. The art is effectively on-point with its high-quality enamel and bright colors, and is top-grade for indicating the number 704 of the New York city subway, this beautiful New Subway sign was created with enameled paint on a bright, modern white wall art. The number 211 is written in enamel on this signs' surface.