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Mid Century Modern Wall Art Sculpture

This signed Mid Century steel wall Sculpture is a beautiful and age-old fashion statement, perfect for any contemporary art enthusiast, vintage Mid Century 60 s sculptural metal enamel abstract wall hanging art is a beneficial addition to home.

Top 10 Mid Century Modern Wall Art Sculpture

This vintage mid-century Modern metal paperclip wall art is an unequaled addition to your mid-century Modern art collection, the piece features an abstract digital paperclip with an 24 x 14 textured background. The paperclip is in excellent condition and presents several digital print finishes including a natural and deep blue, light purple, and black, the paperclip is 8. 5 inches wide x 6 inches deep x 2 inches wide, Mid Century Modern is a popular name for an aesthetic approach in design and design development that emphasizes originality and creativity. This art form began to gain popularity in the early 21 st Century with the rise of Mid Century architecture and engineering designs, these creations showcase a variety of materials and techniques, making use of natural and artificial light to create unique and unique specimens. Signed curtis Mid Century Modern brass castle wall Sculpture is an example of a piece that falls within this trend, this art form features a beautiful brass castle, that imparts been completed with high quality materials and techniques, complete with signature Mid Century Modern elements. It is top-rated for any room or home, and can serve as a beautiful addition to all home décor, Mid Century Modern art blue tiles is a rare and unusual art sculpture. It is sculpted from lightweight blue metal which imparts a naivety and naturalness to it, the body is in keeping with the general theme of the Sculpture - of humans trying to control the Modern world. The Sculpture is over 50 feet long and is one of the most unique and unique art pieces created during the Mid Century Modern era, marc creates wall hanging art Sculpture is a futuristic scouring wall art Sculpture that sits atop of an aging brutalist building in the Mid Century Modern style. The piece is composed of a fuego-like fire extinguisher and concrete explosion, both elements of a look that glacially pavlovian-style.